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Today, we live in an era where technology is swiftly revolutionizing how we interact with our world. Amongst these advancements, drones have emerged as a tool of colossal potential, reshaping industries from real estate and agriculture to construction and environmental science. Yet, knowledge about drone services remains largely inaccessible to many who could harness its power for their gain. That's where GOYO360 steps in. 

At GOYO360, we are on a mission to democratize access to drone services knowledge. We aim to provide a comprehensive, structured, and easy-to-understand learning platform to empower you to master the skills of land surveying, mapping, and beyond using drones. Our courses, crafted meticulously, make the intricate concepts of remote sensing, photogrammetry, and drone mapping as simple as ABC. We believe in the potential of each individual to grow on their own. Our course is your launchpad to the lucrative world of drone services, enabling you to build a profitable career or enterprise.

The future of drone services is here, and the industry is ripe with opportunities. Now is the perfect time to seize the moment, equip yourself with the right skills, and make your mark in the drone services industry. Join us on this journey and let GOYO360 be your companion in this exciting venture.

Grow with us, on your own terms. Welcome to GOYO360!



GOYO360 is the brainchild of Apoorv Avasthy, a master in Geosciences from the esteemed University of Munich, Germany. With an impressive 4+ years of experience in the international and domestic drone services industry, Apoorv has risen to prominence, initiating, and scaling a thriving drone mapping and surveying startup. His adeptness and rich experiences have laid the foundation for GOYO360.

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